Wednesday, August 26, 2020

August 26 ADBIS Session 1: Data Access and Database Performance
11:00-11:15 Upper Bound on the Size of FP-tree
Nima Shahbazi and Jarek Gryz
11:15-11:30 An Efficient Index for Reachability Queries in Public Transport Networks
Bezaye Belayneh, Nikolaus Augsten, Mateusz Pawlik, Michael Böhlen and Christian S. Jensen
11:30-11:45 Context-Free Path Querying by Kronecker Product
Egor Orachev, Ilya Epelbaum, Rustam Azimov and Semyon Grigorev
11:45-11:55 ARTful Skyline Computation for In-Memory Database Systems
Maximilian Schüle, Alex Kulikov, Alfons Kemper and Thomas Neumann
11:55-12:10 Pattern Sampling in Distributed Databases
Lamine Diop, Cheikh Talibouya Diop, Arnaud Giacometti and Arnaud Soulet
12:10-12:25 Can We Probabilistically Generate Uniformly Distributed Relation Instances Efficiently?
Joachim Biskup and Marcel Preuß
12:25-12:35 Quantum Computation and Its Effects in Database Systems
Szabolcs Jóczik and Attila Kiss
August 26 ADBIS Session 2: Machine Learning
14:15-14:30 Towards Proximity Graph Auto-Configuration: an Approach Based on Meta-Learning
Rafael Seidi Oyamada, Larissa Shimomura, Sylvio Barbon Junior and Daniel Kaster
14:30-14:40 Dynamic k-NN classification based on subspace homogeneity
Stefanos Ougiaroglou, Georgios Evangelidis and Konstantinos Diamantaras
14:40-14:50 Contextualisation of Datasets for better classification models: Application to Airbus Helicopters Flight Data
Marie Le Guilly, Daouayry Nassia, Pierre-Loic Maisonneuve, Ammar Mechouche, Jean-Marc Petit and Marian Scuturici
14:50-15:00 Query Intent Detection from the SEO Perspective
Samin Mohammadi, Mathieu Chapon and Arthur Fremond
15:00-15:10 Fast and Accurate Group Outlier Detection for Trajectory Data
Youcef Djenouri, Kjetil Norvag, Heri Ramampiaro and Jerry Chun-Wei Lin
15:10-15:25 Fake News Detection Based on Subjective Opinions
Danchen Zhang and Vladimir Zadorozhny
15:25-15:40 Improving on coalitional prediction explanation
Gabriel Ferrettini, Julien Aligon and Chantal Soulé-Dupuy
August 26 ADBIS Session 3: Data Processing
16:00-16:15 JSON Functionally
Jaroslav Pokorný
16:15-16:25 On the performance impact of using JSON, beyond impedance mismatch
Moditha Hewasinghage, Sergi Nadal and Alberto Abelló
16:25-16:35 Self-Service Business Intelligence over On-Demand IoT Data: A New Design Methodology based on Rapid Prototyping
Julián Eduardo Plazas, Sandro Bimonte, Michel Schneider, Christophe de Vaulx and Juan Carlos Corrales

Thursday, August 27, 2020

August 27 ADBIS Session 4: Semantic Web
10:45-10:55 Consistency and Certain Answers in Relational to RDF Data Exchange with Shape Constraints
Sławek Staworko, Iovka Boneva and Jose Lozano
10:55-11:10 Template-Based Multi-Solution for Data-to-Text Generation
Abelardo V. Mota, Ticiana L. Coelho da Silva and José Antônio Fernandes de Macêdo
11:10-11:20 OWL-T for a Semantic Description of IoT
Zakaria Maamar, Noura Faci, Ejub Kajan, Muhammad Asim and Ayesha Qamar
11:20-11:30 OffStreamNG: Partial Stream Hybrid Graph Edge Partitioning based on Neighborhood Expansion and Greedy Heuristic
Tewodros Ayall, Duan Hancong, Changhong Liu, Fantahun Gereme and Mesay Deleli
11:30-11:40 Temporal Enrichment and Querying of Ontology-Compliant Data
Jing Ao, Zehui Cheng, Rada Chirkova and Phokion Kolaitis
11:40-11:55 Distributed Tree-Pattern Matching in Big Data Analytics Systems
Ralf Diestelkämper and Melanie Herschel
August 27 ADBIS Session 5: Data Analytics
14:30-14:40 Bing-CSF-IDF+: A Semantics-Driven Recommender System for News
Lies Hooft van Huijsduijnen, Thom Hoogmoed, Geertje Keulers, Edmar Langendoen, Sanne Langendoen, Tim Vos, Frederik Hogenboom, Flavius Frasincar and Tarmo Robal
14:40-14:50 QuRVe: Query Refinement for View Recommendation in Visual Data Exploration
Humaira Ehsan, Mohamed Sharaf and Gianluca Demartini
14:50-15:00 A Bloom Filter-based Framework for Interactive Exploration of Large Scale Research Data
Gajendra Doniparthi, Timo Mühlhaus and Stefan Deßloch
15:00-15:15 Iterations and Propensity Score Matching in MonetDB
Michael Boehlen, Oksana Dolmatova, Michael Krauthammer, Alphonse Mariyagnanaseelan, Jonathan Stahl and Timo Surbeck
15:15-15:25 Analyzing Twitter Data with Preferences
Lena Rudenko, Christian Haas and Markus Endres
15:25-15:35 S-APIR: News-Based Business Sentiment Index
Kazuhiro Seki and Yusuke Ikuta
15:35-15:45 Towards an inference detection system against multi-database attacks
Paul Lachat, Veronika Rehn-Sonigo and Nadia Bennani
15:45-16:00 The Tell-Tale Cube
Antoine Chédin, Matteo Francia, Patrick Marcel, Veronika Peralta and Stefano Rizzi