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ADBIS 2019 Doctoral Consortium


The ADBIS Doctoral Consortium (DC) is a forum where PhD students can present their research ideas, confront them with the scientific community, receive feedback from mentors and tie cooperation bounds. Students will receive inspiration from their peers and will have a chance to discuss their research objectives with senior members of the community in the context of an established international conference.

The DC session will take place on September 8, 2019 in parallel with the ADBIS’ workshop sessions. Each participant will present her/his work, followed by a discussion with senior researchers.


To submit your application to the DC, please prepare the following documents.

  1. Research statement: summarize the problem, proposed plan and progress to date. (max 2 pages)
  2. Curriculum Vitae including the expected graduation date. (max 1 page)
  3. Advisor’s support: a short email from the thesis advisor stating support for the student’s participation in the DC, describing the current status of the thesis research and giving the expected date of graduation.
  4. Optionally, you may submit the following documents:

The papers for DC (item 4 above) should be at most 6 pages in Springer format (formatting instructions can be obtained via and describe the state of the whole PhD project, rather than a specific completed result. The paper should outline the objectives, the problem, state of the art, results obtained so far, and what is still to be done in the frame of the PhD project. If an author prefers to present a completed research result, the paper should be submitted to the main conference or one of accompanying workshops. A paper submitted to the DC may not be under review for any other conference or journal during the time it is being considered for the DC. Submissions should be made electronically in pdf format. In case of multiple files, please submit a single compressed file (gzip, tar, zip).


Review and Program Committees:



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