The 4th International Workshop on Mining Complex Data - MCD 2008 -

In conjunction with IEEE ICDM 2008

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Accepted Papers

  • Michelangelo Ceci, "Hierarchical Text Categorization in a Transductive Setting"

  • Tomonobu Ozaki and Takenao Ohkawa, "Mining Correlated Pairs of Patterns in Multidimensional Structured Databases"

  • Corrado Loglisci and Donato Malerba, "Discovering Triggering Events from Longitudinal Data"

  • Tomasz Nykiel and Henryk Rybinski, "Word Sense Discovery for Web Information Retrieval"

  • Tsubasa Yamamoto, Tomonobu Ozaki, and Takenao Ohkawa, "Discovery of Internal and External Hyperclique Patterns in Complex Graph Databases"

  • YongChul Kwon, Wing Yee Lee, Magdalena Balazinska, and Guiping Xu, "Clustering Events on Streams using Complex Context Information"

  • Germain Forestier, CÚdric Wemmert, and Pierre Ganšarski, "Semi-supervised collaborative clustering with partial background knowledge"

  • Stefano Ferilli, Marenglen Biba, Teresa M.A. Basile, Nicola Di Mauro, and Floriana Esposito, "k-Nearest Neighbor Classification on First-Order Logic Descriptions"

  • Zbigniew Ras, Agnieszka Dardzinska, and Li-Shiang Tsay, "Association Action Rules"

  • Xin Zhang, Wenxin Jiang, and Zbigniew Ras, "Harmonic Blind Sound Source Isolation Enhanced by Spectrum Clustering"

  • Fabrizio Costa and Bj÷rn Bringmann, "Towards combining structured pattern mining and graph kernels"

  • Kiri Wagstaff, Terran Lane, and Alex Roper, "Multiple-Instance Regression with Structured Data"

  • Yosr Naija, Salem Chakhar, Kaouther Blibech, and Riadh Robbana, "Extension of Partitional Clustering Methods for Handling Mixed Data"

  • Anat Almog, Jacob Goldberger, and Yuval Shavitt, "Unifying Unknown Nodes in the Internet Graph Using Semisupervised Spectral Clustering"

  • Thomas Guyet and RenÚ Quiniou, "Mining temporal patterns with quantitative intervals"

  • Vahid Jazayeri and Osmar Zaiane, "Plant Protein Localization Using Discriminative and Frequent Partition-Based Subsequences"