General Presentation of PKDD


Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD) have emerged from a combination of many research areas: databases, statistics, machine learning, automated scientific discovery, inductive logic, programming, artificial intelligence, visualization, decision science, and high performance computing. While each of these areas can contribute in specific ways, KDD focuses on the value that is added by creative combination of the contributing areas. The goal of PKDD-2000 is to provide a European- based forum for interaction among all theoreticians and practitioners interested in data mining. Interdisciplinary collaboration is one desired outcome, but the main long-term focus is on theoretical principles for the emerging discipline of KDD and on practical applications of discovery systems that are built on those principles.
We seek the KDD-specific principles that go beyond each contributing area.
We seek a new generation of applications that go beyond applications developed in each contributing area.


PKDD 1997: Trondheim, Norway
PKDD 1998: Nantes, France
PKDD 1999: Prague, Czech Republic