PKDD 2000 - Preliminary Program

PKDD 2000 - Preliminary Program

September 2000, 12 - 16

Tuesday 12   Wednesday 13   Thursday 14   Friday 15   Saturday 16
            08:50 09:00 Opening ceremony            
08:00 08:30 Registration   08:00 08:30 Registration   09:00 10:00 Invited talk:
Willi Kloesgen
        08:50 09:50 Invited talk:
Arno Siebes
08:30 10:30 Workshops
1 to 6
  08:30 10:30 Tutorials
T5 / T3
  10:00 10:15 Coffee break   09:20 11:00 Oral presentations S3A / S3B   10:00 11:15 Oral presentations S5A / S5B
10:30 10:45 Coffee break   10:30 10:45 Coffee break   10:15 11:30 Oral presentations S1A / S1B   11:00 11:20 Coffee break   11:15 11:45 Coffee break
10:45 12:45 Workshops
1 to 6
  10:45 12:45 Tutorials
T5 / T4
  11:30 13:10 Posters session PS1   11:20 13:00 Posters session PS2   11:45 13:00 Discovery Challenge Panel
12:45 14:45 Lunch   12:45 14:45 Lunch   13:10 14:45 Lunch   13:00 14:45 Lunch   13:00 14:45 Lunch
14:45 16:15 Workshops
1 to 6
  14:45 16:15 Tutorials
T1 / T2
  14:45 16:25 Oral presentations S2A / S2B   14:45 15:45 Invited talk:
Luc De Raedt
  14:45 16:25 Posters session PS3
16:15 16:30 Coffee break   16:15 16:30 Coffee break         15:45 16:10 Coffee break   16:25 16:45 Coffee break
16:30 18:00 Workshops
1 to 6
  16:30 18:00 Tutorials
T1 / T2
        16:10 17:50 Oral presentations S4A / S4B   16:45 17:30 Business meeting
      18:30 21:00 Welcome cocktail party   17:00 24:00 Trip to Beaujolais (wine cellar visit + banquet)            

You can download the Preliminary Program (in PDF Format).

Oral presentations

S1A: Towards broader foundations

Arno J. KNOBBE, Arno SIEBES, Hendrik BLOCKEEL, and Daniël van der WALLEN: Multi-Relational Data Mining, Using UML for ILP

Akihiro INOKUCHI, Takashi WASHIO, and Hiroshi MOTODA: An Apriori-based Algorithm for Mining Frequent Substructures from Graph Data

Maurice BERNADET: Basis of a Fuzzy Knowledge Discovery System

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S1B: Rules and trees

Dragan GAMBERGER, and Nada LAVRAC: Confirmation rule sets

Marc SEBBAN, and Richard NOCK: Contribution of Dataset Reduction Techniques to Tree-Simplification and Knowledge Discovery

Ljupco TODOROVSKI, and Saso DZEROSKI: Combining Multiple Models with Meta Decision Trees

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S2A: Databases and reward-based learning

Tadeusz MORZY, Marek WOJCIECHOWSKI, and Maciej ZAKRZEWICZ: Materialized Data Mining Views

Jean-François BOULICAUT, Arthur BYKOWSKI, and Christophe RIGOTTI: Approximation of frequency queries by means of free-sets

Paul MUNTEANU, and Denis CAU: Efficient Score-based Learning of Equivalence Classes of Bayesian Networks

Christophe DRUET, Damien ERNST, and Louis WEHENKEL: Application of Reinforcement Learning to Electrical Power System Closed-Loop Emergency Control

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S2B: Classification

Melanie HILARIO, and Alexandros KALOUSIS: Quantifying the Resilience of Inductive Classification Algorithms

Alexey TSYMBAL, and Seppo PUURONEN: Bagging and Boosting with Dynamic Integration of Classifiers

Carlos SOARES, and Pavel B. BRAZDIL: Zoomed Ranking: Selection of Classification Algorithms Based on Relevant Performance Information

Pierre GEURTS: Some enhancements of decision tree bagging

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S3A: Association rules and exceptions

Marcus-Christopher LUDL, and Gerhard WIDMER: Relative Unsupervised Discretization for Association Rule Mining

Jochen HIPP, Ulrich GÜNTZER, and Gholamreza NAKHAEIZADEH: Mining Association Rules: Deriving a Superior Algorithm by Analysing Today's Approaches

Einoshin SUZUKI, and Jan ZYTKOW: Unified Algorithm for Undirected Discovery of Exception Rules

Jean-Hugues CHAUCHAT, Ricco RAKOTOMALALA, and Didier ROBERT: Sampling Strategies for targeting rare groups from a bank customer database

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S3B: Instance-based discovery

Jinyan LI, Guozhu DONG, and Kotagiri RAMAMOHANARAO: Instance-Based Classification by Emerging Patterns

Gautam DAS, and Heikki MANNILA: Context-Based Similarity Measures for Categorical Databases

Ngoc Binh NGUYEN, and Tu Bao HO : A Mixed Similarity Measure in Near-Linear Computational Complexity for Distance-based Methods

Stéphane LALLICH, and Ricco RAKOTOMALALA: Fast feature selection using partial correlation for multi-valued attributes

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S4A: Clustering and classification

Markus M. BREUNIG, Hans-Peter KRIEGEL, and Jörg SANDER: Fast Hierarchical Clustering Based on Compressed Data and OPTICS

Ljupco TODOROVSKI, Peter FLACH, and Nada LAVRAC: Predictive Performance of Weighted Relative Accuracy

Bin ZHANG, Meichun HSU, and George FORMAN: Accurate Recasting of Parameter Estimation Algorithms using Sufficient Statistics for Efficient Parallel Speed-up Demonstrated for Center-Based Data Clustering Algorithms

Maria HALKIDI, M. VAZIRGIANNIS, and Y. BATISTAKIS: Quality scheme assessment in the clustering process

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S4B: Discovery Challenge

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S5A: Time Series

Iztok SAVNIK, Georg LAUSEN, Hans-Peter KAHLE, Heinrich SPIECKER, and Sebastian HEIN: Algorithm for Matching Sets of Time Series

Georg LAUSEN, Iztok SAVNIK, and Aldar DOUGARJAPOV: MSTS: A System for Mining Sets of Time Series

Juan J. RODRIGUEZ, Carlos J. ALONSO, and Henrik BOSTRÖM: Learning First Order Logic Time Series Classifiers : Rules and Boosting

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S5B: Discovery Challenge

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Posters sessions

Poster Session and Demonstrations PS1
Electronic poster sessions are available on PKDD 2000 discussion forum

Sylvia ACID, and Luis M. DE CAMPOS: Learning Right Sized Belief Networks by Means of a Hybrid Methodology

Brock BARBER, and Howard J. HAMILTON: Algorithms for Mining Share Frequent Itemsets Containing Infrequent Subsets

Hilan BENSUSAN, and Christophe GIRAUD-CARRIER: Discovering task neighbourhoods through landmark learning performances

Leon BOBROWSKI, and Marek KRETOWSKI: Induction of Multivariate Decision Trees by using Dipolar Criteria

Sam BREWER, and Tom KHABAZA: Inductive Logic Programming in Clementine

Deborah R. CARVALHO, and Alex A. FREITAS: A genetic algorithm-based solution for the problem of small disjuncts

Antonio CIAMPI, and Yves LECHEVALLIER: Clustering Large, Multi-Level Data Sets: An Approach Based On Kohonen Self Organizing Maps

Antonio CIAMPI, Djamel A. ZIGHED, and Jérémy CLECH: Trees and induction graphs for multivariate response

Richard COLE, Peter EKLUND, and Gerd STUMME: CEM - Visualisation and Discovery in Email

Chabane DJERABA: Image access and data mining : an approach

Nikos DROSSOS, Athanasios PAPAGELIS, and Dimitris KALLES: Decision Tree Toolkit: A Component-based Library of Decision Tree Algorithms

Laurent DURY, Laurence LEHERTE, and Daniel P. VERCAUTEREN: Determination of Screening Descriptors for Chemical Reaction Databases

A. J. FEELDERS: Prior knowledge in economic applications of data mining

Pierre GEURTS, Louis WEHENKEL: Temporal machine learning for switching control

David GROSSER, Jean DIATTA, and Noël CONRUYT: Improving Dissimilarity Functions with Domain Knowledge, applications with IKBS system

Attila GYENESEI: Mining Weighted Association Rules for Fuzzy Quantitative Items

Eui-Hong (Sam) HAN, and George KARYPIS: Centroid-Based Document Classification: Analysis & Experimental Results

Robert J. HILDERMAN, and Howard J. HAMILTON: Applying Objective Interestingness Measures in Data Mining Systems

Martin HOLENA: Observational Logic Integrates Data Mining Based on Statistics and Neural Networks

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Poster Session and Demonstrations PS2
Electronic poster sessions are available on PKDD 2000 discussion forum

Dimitar HRISTOVSKI, Saso DZEROSKI, Borut PETERLIN, and Anamarija ROZIC-HRISTOVSKI: Supporting Discovery in Medicine by Association Rule Mining of Bibliographic Databases

Hillol KARGUPTA, Weiyun HUANG, Krishnamoorthy SIVAKUMAR, Byung-Hoon PARK, and Shuren WANG: Collective Principal Component Analysis from Distributed, Heterogeneous Data

Saori KAWASAKI, Ngoc Binh NGUYEN, and Tu Bao HO: Hierarchical Document Clustering Based on Tolerance Rough Set Model

Jörg KELLER, Valerij BAUER, and Wojciech KWEDLO: Application of Data-Mining and Knowledge Discovery in Automotive Data Engineering

Jan KOMOROWSKI, Torgeir R. HVIDSTEN, Tor-Kristian JENSSEN, Dyre TJELDVOLL, Eivind HOVIG, Arne K. SANVIK, and Astrid LAEGREID: Towards Knowledge Discovery from cDNA Microarray Gene Expression Data

Marzena KRYSZKIEWICZ: Mining with Cover and Extension Operators

Pascale KUNTZ, Fabrice GUILLET, Rémi LEHN, and Henri BRIAND: A User-Driven Process for Mining Association Rules

Carsten LANQUILLON: Learning from Labeled and Unlabeled Documents: A Comparative Study on Semi-Supervised Text Classification

P.A. LAUR, F. MASSEGLIA, and P. PONCELET: Schema Mining: Finding Structural Regularity among Semistructured Data

Bing LIU, Yiming MA , and Ching Kian WONG: Improving an Association Rule Based Classifier

Chung-Leung LUI, and Fu-Lai CHUNG: Discovery of generalized association rules with multiple minimum supports

Adele MARSHALL, Sally McCLEAN, Mary SHAPCOTT, and Peter MILLARD: Learning Dynamic Bayesian Belief Network using Conditional Phase-Type Distributions

José F. MARTINEZ-TRINIDAD, Miriam VELASCO-SANCHEZ, and Edgar E. CONTRERAS-ARAVELO: Discovering differences in patients with uveitis through typical testors by class

F. MASSEGLIA, P. PONCELET, and M. TEISSEIRE: Web Usage Mining : how to Efficiently manage New transactions and new clients

Frédéric MOAL, Teddy TURMEAUX, and Christel VRAIN: Mining Relational Databases

Maybin K. MUYEBA, and John A. KEANE: Interestingness In Attribute-Oriented Induction (AOI): Multiple-level Rule Generation

Takashi OKADA, and Mayumi OYAMA: Discovery of Characteristic Subgraph Patterns using Relative Indexing and the Cascade Model

Gerhard PAASS, and Jorg KINDERMANN: Transparency and Predictive Power. Explaining Complex Classification Models

Srinivasan PARTHASARATHY, and Mitsunori OGIHARA: Clustering Homogeneous Datasets for Distributed Mining

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Poster Session and Demonstrations PS3
Electronic poster sessions are available on PKDD 2000 discussion forum

Petra PERNER, and Chid APTE: Empirical Evaluation of Feature Subset Selection based on a Real-World Data Set

Gerard RAMSTEIN, Pascal BUNELLE, and Yannick JACQUES: Discovery of ambiguous patterns in sequences. Application to bioinformatics

Zbigniew W. RAS, and Alicja WIECZORKOWSKA: Action-Rules : how to increase profit of a company

Gilbert RITSCHARD, and Nicolas NICOLOYANNIS: Aggregation and Association in Cross Tables

Céline ROBARDET, Fabien FESCHET, and Nicolas NICOLOYANNIS: An experimental study of partition quality indices in clustering

Fabrice ROSSI, and Frédérick VAUTRAIN: Expert Constrained Clustering: a Symbolic Approach

Ansaf SALLEB, and Christel VRAIN: An Application of Association Rules Discovery to Geographic Information Systems

Dan A. SIMOVICI, Dana CRISTOFOR, and Laurentiu CRISTOFOR: Generalized Entropy and Projection Clustering of Categorical Data

Vojtech SVATEK, and Martin KAVALEC: Supporting Case Acquisition and Labelling in the Context of Web Mining

Pang-Ning TAN, Vipin KUMAR, and Jaideep SRIVASTAVA: Indirect Association: Mining Higher Order Dependencies in Data

Tudor TEUSAN, Gilles NACHOUKI, Henri BRIAND and Jacques PHILIPPE: Discovering Association Rules in Large, Dense Databases

Peter TSELIOS, Agapios PLATIS, and George VOUROS: Providing advice to Website Designers towards effective websites re-organization

Shusaku TSUMOTO: Clinical Knowledge Discovery in Hospital Information Systems: Two Case Studies

Stijn VIAENE, B. BAESENS, T. VAN GESTEL, J.A.K. SUYKENS, D. VAN DEN POEL, J. VANTHIENEN, D. DE MOOR, and G. DEDENE: Knowledge discovery using Least Squares Support Vector Machine Classifiers: a Direct Marketing Case

Sholom M. WEISS, Brian F. WHITE, and Chidanand V. APTE: Lightweight Document Clustering

Hsin-Chang YANG, and Chung-Hong LEE: Automatic Category Structure Generation and Categorization of Chinese Text Documents

Show-Jane YEN: Mining Generalized Multiple-Level Association Rules

Show-Jane YEN, and Chung-Wen CHO: An Efficient Approach to Discovering Sequential Patterns from Large Databases

Ning ZHONG, Juzhen DONG, and Setsuo OHSUGA: Using Background Knowledge as a Bias to Control the Rule Discovery Process

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Workshop 1

Pavel Brazdil and Alipio Jorge (University of Porto, Portugal)
Data Mining, Decision Support, Meta-learning and ILP: Forum for Practical Problem

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Workshop 2

John F. Roddick, Flinders U. (South Australia), and Kathleen Hornsby (U.Maine, USA)
PKDD Workshop on Temporal, Spatial and Spatio-Temporal Data Mining (TSDM2000)

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Workshop 3

Jan Komorowski (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway)
Knowledge Discovery in Biology

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Workshop 4

Hugo Zaragoza (LIP6, University Paris 6, France), Patrick Gallinari (LIP6, University Paris 6, France), and Martin Rajman (EPFL, Switzerland)
Machine Learning and Textual Information Access

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Workshop 5

Jean-Louis Ermine (CEA Paris, France)
Knowledge Management: Theory and Applications

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Workshop 6

Edwin Diday (University of Paris Dauphine, France)
Symbolic Data Analysis: Theory, Software and Applications for Knowledge Mining

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Tutorial T1 (3 hours)

H. Kargupta (Washington State University, USA)
An Introduction to Distributed Data Mining

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Tutorial T2 (3 hours)

A. Hinneburg and D.A. Keim (University of Halle, Germany)
Clustering Techniques for large Data Sets: from the past to the future

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Tutorial T3 (2 hours)

M. Spiliopoulou (Humboldt Universitat zu Berlin, Germany)
Data Analysis for Web Marketing and Merchandizing Applications

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Tutorial T4 (1 hour 30)

W. Lehner (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany)
Database Support for business Intelligence Applications

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Tutorial T5 (4 hours)

Yves Kodratoff, Djamel Zighed and Serge Di Palma (France)
Text Mining

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Invited talks

Invited talk 1: Willi Kloesgen (GMD, Germany), Multi-relational, statistical, and visualization approaches for spatial knowledge discovery

Invited talk 2: Luc De Raedt (U.Freiburg, Germany), Data mining in multi-relational databases

Invited talk 3: Arno Siebes (Utrecht U.), Developing KDD Systems

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Welcome cocktail party offered by Bruno Gelas, the President of the University Lumière Lyon 2.

Trip to Beaujolais (wine cellar visit + banquet)

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