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Most recent Sipina Research version - 32 bits. Implements several supervised learning methods (decision tree, neural network, linear discriminant analysis,...), model assessments (cross-validation, bootstrap,...) and association rule algorithm. Sipina Research
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SIPINA Add-in for EXCEL spreadsheet
(In english) An add-in for EXCEL(c) is incorporated in the SIPINA distribution. This add-in (SIPINA.XLA) enables to start a classification tree analysis, and more generally a data mining process, from your spreadsheet. This classification tree add-in appends a new menu in your spreadsheet. You select the cells range, activate the right menu: SIPINA is started and the selected dataset is automatically loaded.
1-Add-In Installation
2-How to use
Building decision tree interactively for the analysis of high blood pressure with SIPINA. Tutorial
Using predefined learning (training) and test set for classifier performance evaluation.
Definition of misclassification costs and the utilization of cost-sensitive decision tree classifier.
Example in the classification of unsolicited e-mails (spams).
Computation of descriptive statistics on nodes during the interactive construction of the classification tree. Each node corresponds to a subpopulation, obtaining description of this subpopulation enables to better understand the significance of the rule. Both univariate and bivariate statistics are available. Tutorial
Website about Tutorials for Sipina. Website
Comparison of SIPINA with ORANGE -- Interactive construction of decision trees. Tutorial
Comparison of SIPINA with TANAGRA and WEKA -- Training a neural network. Tutorial
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XL-SIPINA is an attempt to embed the EXCEL(c) spreadsheet in a data mining software. It is mainly based on the Windows OLE technology. The ideas implemented here will be the starting point of wider project on association of a data mining software project and a free spreadsheet. XL-Sipina
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Old version of SIPINA (SIPINA v2.5) - 16 bits running under Windows 3.1. Implements decision trees (decision graphs) only. With english documentation. This version is not maintained since 1998. Setup Sipina v2.5