Main last modificationsVersion
Latest version... 1.4.50
Clustering of Categorical Variables 1.4.50
Discriminant Correspondence Analysis 1.4.48
Principal Factor Analysis 1.4.47
Factor Analysis for Mixed Data (AFDM) 1.4.46
Parallel Analysis (for PCA and MCA) 1.4.45
Core Vector Machine (Libcvm) 1.4.44
Sparse file handling 1.4.44
Frequent itemsets mining 1.4.41
Naive Bayes for continuous predictors revisited 1.4.37
ReliefF Feature Selection 1.4.36
Clustering & Regression Trees revisited 1.4.35
Rule Induction Method 1.4.34
Logistic Regression Diagnostics 1.4.33
Support Vector Regression 1.4.31
Fast Memory Manager 1.4.30
Cost sensitive learning 1.4.29
Upgrade of clustering components 1.4.28
Nonparametric tests for homogeneity 1.4.27
Parametric tests for homogeneity 1.4.26
Partial and semi-partial correlation 1.4.25
Univariate Outlier Detection 1.4.24
PLS Discriminant Analysis 1.4.23
Some minor improvements 1.4.22
Variable selection for logistic regression 1.4.21
Internal improvements and libraries update 1.4.20
Measures of association for ordinal variables 1.4.19
Measures of association for nominal variables 1.4.18
Outlier Detection in Regression 1.4.17
Variable Clustering (VARCLUS) components 1.4.16
Correspondence Analysis 1.4.15
Improving "Factorial Analysis" reports (PCA and MCA) 1.4.14
Stepwise Discriminant Analysis 1.4.13
Add-on for Open Office Calc (OOoCalc) spreadsheet 1.4.12
TANAGRA.XLA add-in for EXCEL spreadsheet 1.4.11
Breiman's Random Forest for Supervised Learning 1.4.9
New feature -- Saving/Loading sub-diagram 1.4.8
(Predictive) Clustering Trees 1.4.6
ORANGE - TANAGRA - WEKA comparison (see tutorials) -
Multi-class SVM (C-SVC) from LIBSVM 2.8 library 1.4.2
Partial Least Squares (PLS) Regression 1.4.1
Canonical Discriminant Analysis 1.3.5
Nonparametric Statistics Components 1.3.1
Scoring - Lift and Roc Curves 1.2.1
Breiman's et al. Classification Tree1.1.1

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