The topics of the Cloud-I workshop include, but are not limited to, the following list.

  •     Accessibility of Cloud Intelligence
  •     Analytics for complex data
  •     Analytics for social networks
  •     Analytics for temporal, spatial, spatio-temporal and mobile data
  •     Benchmarking Cloud Intelligence applications
  •     Cloud data warehouse design and architectures
  •     Cloud infrastructure for analytics applications
  •     Cloud Intelligence on linked data
  •     Collaborative Cloud Intelligence
  •     Cooperative Cloud Intelligence
  •     Crowd intelligence
  •     Data analytics as a service
  •     Data mining over the cloud
  •     Economic/payment models for cloud intelligence
  •     Extracting, Transforming and Loading data over the cloud
  •     Human-Computer interaction for Cloud Intelligence
  •     Massive data analytics: algorithms, techniques and systems
  •     OLAP over the cloud
  •     Open and private data cross-integration
  •     Personal intelligence
  •     Privacy and security in Cloud Intelligence
  •     Real-time/right-time and event-based analytics, performance issues
  •     Reliability and fault tolerance in Cloud Intelligence
  •     Scalability and parallelization for Cloud Intelligence: MapReduce and beyond
  •     Semantic Web intelligence
  •     Sharing and reusing Cloud Intelligence results

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