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J. Darmont, B. Novikov, R. Wrembel, Eds., New Trends in Databases and Information Systems - ADBIS 2020 Short Papers, August 2020, Communications in Computer and Information Science, Vol. 1259, Springer, Heidelberg, Germany.


The 24th European Conference on Advances in Databases and Information Systems(ADBIS 2020) was set to be held in Lyon, France, during August 25–28, 2020, inconjunction with the 24th International Conference on Theory and Practice of DigitalLibraries (TPDL 2020) and the 16th EDA days on Business Intelligence & Big Data(EDA 2020). However, because of the worldwide COVID-19 crisis, ADBIS, TPDL,and EDA had to take place online during August 25–27, 2020. Yet, the three con-ferences joined their forces to propose common keynotes, workshops, and a DoctoralConsortium.


Databases, Information Systems


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