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Publications of Jérôme Darmont

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T.V.A. Nguyen, L. d'Orazio, S. Bimonte, J. Darmont, "Cost Models for View Materialization in the Cloud", Workshop on Data Analytics in the Cloud (EDBT-ICDT/DanaC 12), Berlin, Germany, March 2012, 47-54.


In classical databases, query performance is casually achieved through physical data structures such as caches, indexes and materialized views. In this context, many cost models help select a best set of such data structures. However, this selection task becomes more complex in the cloud. The criterion to optimize is indeed at least two-dimensional, with the monetary cost of using the cloud balancing query response time. Thus, we define in this paper new cost models that fit into the pay-as-you-go paradigm of cloud computing. These cost models help achieve a multi-criteria optimization of the view materialization vs. CPU power augmentation problem, under budget constraints. Finally, we present experimental results that provide a first validation of our contribution and show that cloud view materialization is always desirable.


Cloud computing, Cost models, Materialized views, Performance and cost optimization


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