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Publications of Jérôme Darmont

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M. Hachicha, H. Mahboubi, J. Darmont, "Expressing OLAP operators with the TAX XML algebra", 3rd International Workshop on Database Technologies for Handling XML Information on the Web (DataX-EDBT 08), Nantes, France, March 2008.


With the rise of XML as a standard for representing business data, XML data warehouses appear as suitable solutions for Web-based decision-support applications. In this context, it is necessary to allow OLAP analyses over XML data cubes (XOLAP). Thus, XQuery extensions are needed. To help define a formal framework and allow much-needed performance optimizations on analytical queries expressed in XQuery, having an algebra at one's disposal is desirable. However, XOLAP approaches and algebras from the literature still largely rely on the relational model and/or only feature a small number of OLAP operators. In opposition, we propose in this paper to express a broad set of OLAP operators with the TAX XML algebra.


XML, XML data warehouses, XML-OLAP, XOLAP, TAX, Algebra


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