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C. Kit, M. Hachicha, J. Darmont, "Benchmarking Summarizability Processing in XML Warehouses with Complex Hierarchies", 15th International Workshop on Data Warehousing and OLAP (DOLAP 12), Maui, Hawaii, USA, November 2012, 73-80; ACM, New York.


Business Intelligence plays an important role in decision making. Based on data warehouses and Online Analytical Processing, a business intelligence tool can be used to analyze complex data. Still, summarizability issues in data warehouses cause ineffective analyses that may become critical problems to businesses. To settle this issue, many researchers have studied and proposed various solutions, both in relational and XML data warehouses. However, they find difficulty in evaluating the performance of their proposals since the available benchmarks lack complex hierarchies. In order to contribute to summarizability analysis, this paper proposes an extension to the XML warehouse benchmark (XWeB) with complex hierarchies. The benchmark enables
us to generate XML data warehouses with scalable complex hierarchies as well as summarizability processing. We experimentally demonstrated that complex hierarchies can definitely be included into a benchmark dataset, and that our benchmark is able to compare two alternative approaches dealing with summarizability issues.


Benchmark, XML warehouse, OLAP, TPC-H, Complex hierarchies, Summarizability, XWeB


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