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G. Vargas-Solar, T. Cerquitelli, A. Montorsi, S. Salvai, J. Darmont, C. Favre, "Promoting equity, diversity and inclusion: policies, strategies and future directions in higher education, research communities and business", 2nd International Workshop on Data science for equality, inclusion and well-being challenges (DS4EIW@IEEE BigData 2022), Osaka, Japan, 4710-4718, December 2022 (


This paper provides a multi-perspective vision of diversity and inclusion (D&I) projects aiming to promote equity in organisations seeking to build virtuous contexts where people can achieve positive professional and personal objectives. It introduces the understanding of D&I, best practices and outcomes of projects promoted in multicultural organisations, including academia, universities and research centres (Politecnico di Torino, university education in France and the French CNRS) and in leading international companies, namely Accenture and Nestlé. The paper gathers and extends the discussion and ideas exchanged in the D&I panel of the conference ADBIS 2022.


Diversity, Inclusion


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