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Publications of Jérôme Darmont

Reference (techreport)

J. Darmont, F. Bentayeb, O. Boussaïd, "The Design of DWEB", ERIC, Université de Lyon, France, June 2005.


Data warehouse architectural choices and optimization techniques are critical to decision support query performance. To facilitate these choices, the performance of the designed data warehouse must be assessed. This is usually done with the help of benchmarks, which can either help system users comparing the performances of different systems, or help system engineers testing the effect of various design choices. While the TPC standard decision support benchmarks address the first point, they are not tuneable enough to address the second one and fail to model different data warehouse schemas. By contrast, our Data Warehouse Engineering Benchmark (DWEB) allows to generate various ad-hoc synthetic data warehouses and workloads. DWEB is fully parameterized to fulfill data warehouse design needs. However, two levels of parameterization keep it relatively easy to tune. Finally, DWEB is implemented as a Java free software that can be interfaced with most existing relational database management systems. A sample usage of DWEB is also provided in this paper.


Data warehouses, decision support queries, OLAP, benchmarking, performance evaluation, data warehouse design


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