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A. Azri, C. Favre, N. Harbi, J. Darmont, C. Noûs, "Calling to CNN-LSTM for Rumor Detection: A Deep Multi-channel Model for Message Veracity Classification in Microblogs", Joint European Conference on Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery in Databases (ECML PKDD 2021), Bilbao, Spain, September 2021; Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 12979, Springer, Heidelberg, Germany, 497-513.


Reputed by their low-cost, easy-access, real-time and valuable information, social media also wildly spread unverified or fake news. Rumors can notably cause severe damage on individuals and the society. Therefore, rumor detection on social media has recently attracted tremendous attention. Most rumor detection approaches focus on rumor feature analysis and social features, i.e., metadata in social media. Unfortunately, these features are data-specific and may not always be available, e.g., when the rumor has just popped up and not yet propagated. In contrast, post contents (including images or videos) play an important role and can indicate the diffusion purpose of a rumor. Furthermore, rumor classification is also closely related to opinion mining and sentiment analysis. Yet, to the best of our knowledge, exploiting images and sentiments is little investigated.

Considering the available multimodal features from microblogs, notably, we propose in this paper an end-to-end model called deepMONITOR that is based on deep neural networks and allows quite accurate automated rumor verification, by utilizing all three characteristics: post textual and image contents, as well as sentiment. deepMONITOR concatenates image features with the joint text and sentiment features to produce a reliable, fused classification. We conduct extensive experiments on two large-scale, real-world datasets. The results show that deepMONITOR achieves a higher accuracy than state-of-the-art methods.


Social networks, Rumor detection, Deep neural networks


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