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Reference (inproceedings)

H.H. Nguyen, N. Harbi, J. Darmont, "An Efficient Local Region and Clustering-Based Ensemble System for Intrusion Detection", 15th International Database Engineering and Applications Symposium (IDEAS 11), Lisbon, Portugal, September 2011, 185-191.


The dramatic proliferation of sophisticated cyber attacks, in conjunction with the ever growing use of Internet-based services and applications, is nowadays becoming a great concern in any organization. Among many efficient security solutions proposed in the literature to deal with this evolving threat, ensemble approaches, a particular family of data mining, have proven very successful in designing high performance intrusion detection systems (IDSs) resting on the mutual combination of multiple classifiers. However, the strength of ensemble systems depends heavily on the methods to generate and combine individual classifiers (ensemble members). In this thread, we propose a novel design method to generate a robust ensemble-based IDS. In our approach, individual classifiers are built using both the input feature space and additional features exploited from k-means clustering. In addition, the ensemble combination is calculated based on the classification ability of individual classifiers on different local data regions defined in form of k-means clustering. Experimental results prove that our solution is superior to several state-of-the-art methods.


Data mining, classification, clustering, ensemble system, intrusion detection, cyber attacks


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