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P. Liu, S. Loudcher, J. Darmont, C. Noûs, "ArchaeoDAL: A Data Lake for Archaeological Data Management and Analytics", 25th International Database Engineering and Applications Symposium (IDEAS 2021), Montreal, Canada, July 2021; ICPS, 252-262.


With new emerging technologies, such as satellites and drones, archaeologists collect data over large areas. However, it becomes difficult to process such data in time. Archaeological data also have many different formats (images, texts, sensor data) and can be structured, semi-structured and unstructured. Such variety makes data difficult to collect, store, manage, search and analyze effectively. A few approaches have been proposed, but none of them covers the full data lifecycle nor provides an efficient data management system. Hence, we propose the use of a data lake to provide centralized data stores to host heterogeneous data, as well as tools for data quality checking, cleaning, transformation, and analysis. In this paper, we propose a generic, flexible and complete data lake architecture. Our metadata management system exploits goldMEDAL, which is the most complete metadata model currently available. Finally, we detail the concrete implementation of this architecture dedicated to an archaeological project.


Data lake architecture, Data lake implementation, Metadata management, Archaeological data, Thesaurus


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