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F. Bentayeb, O. Boussaïd, J. Darmont, N. Harbi, S. Loudcher, Eds., Warehousing and Mining Complex Data: Applications to Biology, Medicine, Behavior, Health and Environment, International Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Technology, Vol. 3 (1-2), Inderscience, Geneva, Switzerland, 2010 (Special issue).


The intention of the Editors of the Special Edition is to present a collection of manuscripts that discuss novel and innovative applications of decision-support technologies such as data warehousing and data mining in medicine and biology. In these disciplines, data are nowadays not only numerical or symbolic, but they may be termed complex. For instance, the development of electronic health records enables information-based medicine, which requires the analysis of various, heterogeneous data, such as patient records, medical images, biological analysis results, and so on. Moreover, these data are often represented in various formats (databases, texts, images, sounds, videos...), diversely structured (relational databases, XML documents repository...), originating from several different sources (distributed databases, the Web...), described through several channels or points of view (radiographies and audio diagnosis of a physician, data expressed in different scales or languages...), or changing in terms of definition or value (temporal databases, periodical surveys...). Managing complex data involves a lot of different issues regarding their structure, storage and analysis.

The emphasis of this special issue is on critical issues pertaining to managing, processing and analyzing complex data for decision-support. Particular emphasis will be put on novel and unique applications in the fields of biology, medicine, behavior, health or environment.


Data Warehousing, Data Mining, Complex Data, Biology, Medicine, Behavior, Health, Environment


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