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Publications of Jérôme Darmont

Reference (article)

O. Boussaïd, A. Tanasescu, F. Bentayeb, J. Darmont, "Integration and Dimensional Modelling Approaches for Complex Data Warehousing", Journal of Global Optimization, Vol. 37, No. 4, April 2007, 571-591.


With the broad development of the World Wide Web, various kinds of heterogeneous data (including multimedia data) are now available to decision support tasks. A data warehousing approach is often adopted to prepare data for relevant analysis. Data integration and dimensional modeling indeed allow the creation of appropriate analysis contexts. However, the existing data warehousing tools are well-suited to classical, numerical data. They cannot handle complex data. In our approach, we adapt the three main phases of the data warehousing process to complex data. In this paper, we particularly focus on two main steps in complex data warehousing. The first step is data integration.We define a generic UML model that helps representing a wide range of complex data, including their possible semantic properties. Complex data are then stored inXMLdocuments generated by a piece of software we designed. The second important phase we address is the preparation of data for dimensional modeling.We propose an approach that exploits datamining techniques to assist users in building relevant dimensional models.


Complex data, Data integration, Data mining, Dimensional modeling, Data preparation, Data warehousing


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