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J. Darmont, M. Schneider, "VOODB: A Generic Discrete-Event Random Simulation Model to Evaluate the Performances of OODBs", 25th International Conference on Very Large Databases (VLDB 99), Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, September 1999, 254-265; Morgan Kaufmann, Orlando, USA.


Performance of object-oriented database systems (OODBs) is still an issue to both designers and users nowadays. The aim of this paper is to propose a generic discrete-event random simulation model, called VOODB, in order to evaluate the performances of OODBs in general, and the performances of optimization methods like clustering in particular. Such optimization methods undoubtedly improve the performances of OODBs. Yet, they also always induce some kind of overhead for the system. Therefore, it is important to evaluate their exact impact on the overall performances. VOODB has been designed as a generic discrete-event random simulation model by putting to use a modelling approach, and has been validated by simulating the behavior of the O2 OODB and the Texas persistent object store. Since our final objective is to compare object clustering algorithms, some experiments have also been conducted on the DSTC clustering technique, which is implemented in Texas. To validate VOODB, performance results obtained by simulation for a given experiment have been compared to the results obtained by benchmarking the real systems in the same conditions. Benchmarking and simulation performance evaluations have been observed to be consistent, so it appears that simulation can be a reliable approach to evaluate the performances of OODBs.


Object-oriented database systems, Object clustering, Performance evaluation, Discrete-event random simulation


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