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Publications of Jérôme Darmont

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S. Amer-Yahia, Y. Amsterdamer, S. Bhowmick, A. Bonifati, P. Bonnet, R. Borovica-Gajic, B. Catania, T. Cerquitelli, S. Chiusano, P. Chrysanthis, C. Curino, J. Darmont, A. El-Abbadi, A. Floratou, J. Freire, A. Jindal, V. Kalogeraki, G. Koutrika, A. Kumar, S. Maiyya, A. Meliou, M. Mohanty, F. Naumann, N.S. Noack, F. Özcan, L. Peterfreund, W. Rahayu, W.C. Tan, Y. Tian, P. Tözün, G. Vargas-Solar, N. Yadwadkar, M. Zhang, "Diversity and Inclusion Activities in Database Conferences: A 2021 Report", SIGMOD Record, Vol. 51, No. 2, 69-73, June 2022.

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     Title = {Diversity and Inclusion Activities in Database Conferences: A 2021 Report},
     Howpublished = {SIGMOD Record, Vol. 51, No. 2, 69-73},
     Month = {June},
     Year = {2022},
     Abstract = {Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) are core to fostering innovative thinking. Existing theories demonstrate that to facilitate inclusion, multiple types of exclusionary dynamics, such as self-segregation, communication apprehension, and stereotyping and stigmatizing, must be overcome. A diverse group of people tends to surface different perspectives, which help to understand and address D&I. Fostering D&I in research communities must address issues related to inclusive interpersonal and small group dynamics, rules and codes of conduct, increasing diversity in under-represented groups and disciplines, and organizing D&I events, and long-term efforts to champion change.},
     Keywords = {Diversity, Inclusion, Databases}

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