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Publications of Jérôme Darmont

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R. Salem, J. Darmont, O. Boussaïd, "Active XML-based Web Data Integration", Information Systems Frontiers, Vol. 15, No. 3, July 2013, 371-398 (Special issue on Business Intelligence and the Web).

BibTeX entry

     Author = {Rashed Salem and Jérôme Darmont and Omar Boussaïd},
     Title = {Active XML-based Web Data Integration},
     Journal = {Information Systems Frontiers},
     Volume = {15},
     Number = {3},
     Month = {July},
     Year = {2013},
     Pages = {371-398},
     Note = {Special issue on Business Intelligence and the Web},
     Abstract = {Today, the Web is the largest source of information in the world. There is currently an increasing demand that decision-making applications such as Data Warehousing (DW) and Business Intelligence (BI) move onto the Web, especially in the cloud. Integrating data into the DW/BI applications is still the most critical and time-consuming task. To make better decisions in DW/BI applications, next generation data integration poses new requirements to data integration systems, over those posed by traditional data integration. From these requirements is to integrate data in real-time and autonomously with minimal user intervention. Therefore, we propose in this paper a metadata-based, event-driven, and service-oriented framework for integrating real-time data autonomously. The framework utilizes Web standards to integrate data, from heterogeneous and distributed sources. It exploits the XML language to address data heterogeneity, Web services to tackle data distribution, and Active XML (AXML) to store integrated data. The framework is also subscribed to Web services for real-time change data capture. Moreover, beside logging different framework events into a specified repository for on-line analysis and reporting, we propose a novel Frequency XML-based Tree (FXT) structure for mining association rules from logged event streams using XQuery. The framework is also incorporates active rules to automate and activate different integration services. Finally, we have a web application prototype as a proof of concept.},
     Keywords = {Real-time data integration, complex data, integration services, active rules, event stream mining}

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