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Publications of Jérôme Darmont

Reference (book)

J. Darmont, N. Grabar, O. Teste, Eds., About Variety in Humanities Big Data, 1, Recherche d’information, document et web sémantique, Vol. 19, ISTE OpenScience, London, UK, 2019.

BibTeX entry

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     Publisher = {ISTE OpenScience},
     Address = {London, UK},
     Year = {2019},
     Abstract = {Papers from the one-day workshop organized by Action ADOC of the GdR MaDICS whose topic was about the Variety (in the sense of big data) of the Humanities data. This workshop was associated to the INFORSID 2018 conference.},
     Keywords = {Big data, Variety, Humanities}

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