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Welcome on the Home Page of Antoine ROLLAND

Animation Scientifique:

Cafés Statistique à Lyon (see the Café stat web site).

Journée de printemps 2017 - SFdS ( Enseignement de la Statistique ) Renseignements: antoine.rolland (at) univ-lyon2 (dot) fr

I'm associate Professor in the Universitary Institute of Technology Lumière - Lyon 2 and the ERIC lab. My current research focuses on decision theory, expecially multicriteria decision rules . My current courses consist in statistic topics.

You'll find on the site :
- my curriculum vitae
- my publications (some downlowdable)
- some of my teaching / conference / seminar supports
the Multicriteria DataSet Repository is here

Research main topics :

Theorical issues
- axiomatic analysis of some multicriteria decision models, as bi-capacity based models
- parameters' elicitation process for reference points based multicriteria decision aiding methods
- introduction of multicriteria decision models in other decision process frameworks.

Practical issues
- Diffusion of MCDA methods in various fields like environment studies, scolarship issues, agronomic models...
- Development of technical tools (softwares) for decision making

Scientific animation :

Cafés Statistique à Lyon (see the Café stat web site).

Demi-journées thématiques ERIC (présentations et compte-rendus ici).
- Text Mining
- Multicriteria decision making
- Graphs and social networks applications
- Clustering

Address: ERIC, Campus Porte des Alpes - 5 av. Pierre Mendès-France, 69676 Bron Cedex, France
Tel. : +33 (0)4 78 77 24 14, Email: antoine.rolland (at) univ-lyon2 (dot) fr