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Organization of the 42nd International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval (july 2019, Paris), with Benjamin Piwowarski, Eric Gaussier, Max Chevalier (general chairs), and many people

Organization of the Workshop Representation Learning for Complex Data Mining (may 2019), with Adrien Guille, supported by the DMD team of the ERIC Lab, GdR MaDICS and SfDS.


Organization of the French Worskhop Open data citoyen : traitement et visualisation des données (october 2017), supported by the Institute for Human Sciences, with Isabelle Hare

Organization of the Worskhop Statlearn (april 2017), supported by the French Society of Statistics (SFdS), MaDICS and many others, led by Julien Jacques


Organization of the French Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data (december 2016), supported by AFIA, GdR MaDICS and the ERIC Lab, with Vincent Claveau


Organization of the French Workshop on clustering (october 2015), supported by Orange Labs, EGC and SFC, with Vincent Lemaire, Guillaume Cleuziou, Nicolas Labroche, Pascal Cuxac, Jean-Charles Lamirel, Violette Antoine

Organization of the French Workshop Etudier le Web politique : Regards croisés (may 2015), supported by three labs (ERIC, ELICO, CEPEL), the ImagiWeb project and the University Lyon 2, with Aurélie Olivesi and Julien Boyadjian


Organization of the French Workshop Fouille d'opinion dans le Web social (apr. 2014), supported by Project Web Intelligence Rhône-Alpes and ARC6, with Caroline Brun of the Xerox Research Center


Organization of the colocated international conferences ALT and DS (oct. 2012), with the people of the ERIC Lab and the LaHC

Organization of the Workshop Mining Social Network Dynamics (MSND), co-located with WWW (apr. 2012), with H. Hacid (Alcatel-Lucent, Bell Labs) and Shengbo Guo (Xerox RC Europe)


Organization of the French Workshop Veille numérique, regards pluridisciplinaires, co-located with EGC (jan. 2009), with Jean-Gabriel Ganascia (LIP6, Paris) and Francis Chateauraynaud (EHESS, Paris).