The Second International Workshop on Mining Complex Data - MCD'06 -

In Conjunction with IEEE ICDM'06

Hong Kong, 18 - 22 December 2006

This workshop is supported by IASC

Acceted papers

S3214 Corrado Loglisci, "Segmentation of Evolving Complex Data and Generation of Models".
S3213 Christian Borgelt and Thorsten Meinl, "Full Perfect Extension Pruning for Frequent Graph Mining".
S3212 Qingsong Peng, Ming Zhang, Weimin Wu, and Ronggui Wang, "Variant Bayesian Networks".
S3211 Stanislav Barton and Pavel Zezula, "Designing and Evaluating an Index for Graph Structured Data".
S3208 Etienne Cuvelier and Monique Noirhomme-Fraiture, "A Probability Distribution of Functional Random Variable with a Functional Data Analysis Application".
S3207 Nabil Benayadi, Marc Le Goc, and Philippe Bouché, "Discovering Manufacturing Process from Timed Data : the BJT4R Algorithm".
S3206 Tomoki Watanuma, Tomonobu Ozaki,, and Takenao Ohkawa, "Decision Tree Construction from Multidimensional Structured Data".
S3201 Alexandre Blansché, Annett Wania, and Pierre Gançarski, "Comparison of MACLAW with several attribute selection methods for classification in hyperspectral images".
DM891 Vicenç Soler, Jesus Cerquides, Josep Sabria, Jordi Roig, and Marta Prim, "A Method to Classify Data by Fuzzy Rule Extraction from Imbalanced Datasets".
DM725 Lamis HAWARAH, Ana SIMONET, and Michel SIMONET, "Dealing with Missing Values in a Probabilistic Decision Tree during Classification".
DM712 Nan Du, Bin Wu, Liutong Xu, and Xin Pei, "A Parallel Algorithm for Enumerating All Maximal Cliques in Complex Network".
DM710 Peixiang Zhao and Jeffrey Yu, "Fast Frequent Free Tree Mining in Graph Databases".
DM639 Jianjun Hao and Yuejin Ma, "Development of Expanding Model of Rough Set for Data Mining".
DM584 Hidenao Abe, Shusaku Tsumoto, Miho Ohsaki, Hideto Yokoi, and Takahira Yamaguchi, "Evaluating Learning Algorithms Composed by a Constructive Meta-Learning Scheme for a Rule Evaluation Support Method".
DM582 Kazumi Saito, Takeshi Yamada, and Kazuhiro Kazama, "Extracting Communities from Complex Networks by the $k$-dense Method".
DM570 Thanh-Nghi DO and Francois POULET, "Kernel-based Algorithm and Visualization for Interval Data Mining".
DM528 Peter Christen, "A Comparison of Personal Name Matching: Techniques and Practical Issues".
DM457 Sen Qin, Guan-zhong Dai, and Yan-ling Li, "Mining System for Community Finding of Virtual User Network on the Internet".
DM422 Tomonobu Ozaki and Takenao Ohkawa, "Efficient Mining of Closed Induced Ordered Subtrees in Tree-structured Databases".
DM366 Toshihiro Kamishima and Shotaro Akaho, "Efficient Clustering for Orders".
DM325 Qiang Wu and Zongtian Liu, "Formal Concept Analysis under Incomplete Knowledge".

Instructions for preparing the camera-ready version of the accepted papers

The length of each paper should not exceed *5* pages in the IEEE CS format (which will also be distributed by the IEEE Computer Society Press). You may purchase *1* extra page at a cost of US$100 for each extra page (paid at time of registration); your paper cannot exceed 5 pages. Please use the comments of the reviewers in deciding what to emphasize while condensing your paper. Your submission is required to follow all the instructions given in the author kit you will receive from the IEEE Computer Society Press.

To include your paper in the program as well as in the proceedings, at least one author of your paper must plan to attend the conference and pay the regular registration fee (student registration does not count; at least one author must pay regular registration.) Please make sure to register by **September 29, 2006** to have your paper included. If you have had multiple papers accepted, you do not need to register twice; however, there is an extra paper fee to help defray the cost of printing. See the registration form for details; it will be available in mid-September at:

We will have an exciting technical program and social program. In addition to the ICDM technical paper presentations, we are planning an ICDM-WI-IAT joint keynote speaker, 2 ICDM invited speakers (and 4 WI-IAT invited speakers), one panel, 4 ICDM tutorials (and 4 WI-IAT tutorials), 12 ICDM workshops (and 14 WI-IAT workshops), one ICDM-WI-IAT industry/demo session, as well as the reception, and a banquet on the boats. A regular registration will cover all the events during conference dates, including both ICDM and WI-IAT sessions.

The conference will take place at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibit Center. The hotel reservation information will be available shortly at the ICDM 2006 homepage.

You should plan to allow enough time to enjoy the city Hong Kong. You can get more information about the conference hotel and local information from the conference homepage: