Tools for programming TANAGRA

Tools for compilation of TANAGRA.

Contents Reference
TANAGRA is written with DELPHI 6. It is possible to obtain a free trial version here. BORLAND DELPHI 6
GP PROFILE, to optimize code source. GpProfile
MEMPROOF to check memory allocation. MemProof
ModelMaker to generate class diagram. ModelMaker
DiPasDoc to generate code source documentation. DiPasDoc
LDM TOOLS - Special Edition LMD-SE
The famous J. DEBORD mathematical library in Pascal. Athanor Fichiers
A free HTML browser for DELPHI. HTML LITE
A XML parser for DELPHI. XML Parser
TURBO POWER is now open source, there is a lot of functions that we can use I think (e.g. SYSTOOLS library) Turbo Power

Last modification : January 16th, 2004.