Social Interactions Analysis and Services Providers (SIASP)

                        @IEEE ICDM 2010

Selected papers for the JIIS Special Issue

Catching a Viral Video,
Mirjam Wattenhofer (Google, Switzerland),
Yannet Interian (Google, USA),
Jon Vaver (Google, USA),
Tom Broxton (Google, Switzerland)

The Meme Ranking Problem: Maximizing Microblogging Virality,
Dino Ienco (University of Torino, Italy),
Francesco Bonchi (Yahoo! Research, Spain),
Carlos Castillo (Yahoo! Research, Spain)

Extracting Representative Tags for Flickr Users,
Xian Chen (Konkuk University, Seoul, Korea),
Hyoseop Shin (Konkuk University, Seoul, Korea)

Toward Finding Hidden Communities based on User Profile
Tetsuya Yoshida (Hokkaido University, Japan)


Selected papers to the JIIS special issue need to include some improvements in the discussions, the results, and the presentation to conform to the required standards quality criteria imposed by JIIS. All the papers will be reviewed again before publication.

  • Paper style and length: Papers have to be prepared following an LNCS format: . The maximum paper length is 25 pages.
  • Submission site: Once your paper is ready, you can submit it electronically at: by specifying SIASP @IEEE ICDM 2010 as submission type.
  • Deadlines:
    • Submission deadline: January 30th, 2011.
    • First round review: March 5th, 2011.