Social Interactions Analysis and Services Providers (SIASP)

                        @IEEE ICDM 2010


09.00 am - 09.10 am: Opening session

9.10 am - 10.00 am:All your database are belong to us,
Jim Webber (Neo Technology)( KEYNOTE TALK)

10.00 am - 10.30 am: Break

10.30 am – 11.00 am:   Detecting and Tracking Community Dynamics in Evolutionary Networks,
Zhengzhang Chen (North Carolina State University and Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA),
Kevin Wilson (North Carolina State University and RTI International, USA),
Ye Jin (North Carolina State University and Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA),
William Hendrix (North Carolina State University, USA),
Nagiza Samatova (Oak Ridge National Lab, North Carolina State University, USA)
11.00 am – 11.30 am:   
Catching a Viral Video,
Mirjam Wattenhofer (Google, Switzerland),
Yannet Interian (Google, USA),
Jon Vaver (Google, USA),
Tom Broxton (Google, Switzerland)
11.30 am – 12.00 am:   
The Meme Ranking Problem: Maximizing Microblogging Virality,
Dino Ienco (University of Torino, Italy),
Francesco Bonchi (Yahoo! Research, Spain),
Carlos Castillo (Yahoo! Research, Spain)

12.15 pm- 1.30 pm: Lunch

1.30pm- 3.30pm: SOCIAL CONTENT
1.30 pm - 2.00 pm   RnR: A System for Extracting Rationale from Online Reviews and Ratings,
Dwi Rahayu (Monash University, Australia),
Shonali Krishnaswamy (Monash University, Australia),
Cyril Labbe (University of Grenoble, France),
Oshadi Alahakoon (Monash University, Australia)
2.00 pm - 2.30 pm   
Extracting Representative Tags for Flickr Users,
Xian Chen (Konkuk University, Seoul, Korea),
Hyoseop Shin (Konkuk University, Seoul, Korea)
2.30pm - 3.00pm   
A Personalized Social Matching System using Past Relations and User Similarities
Richi Nayak (Queensland University of Technology, Australia)
Meng Zhang (Queensland University of Technology, Australia)
Lin Chen (Queensland University of Technology, Australia)
3.00 pm - 3.30 pm  
A Social Recommendation System for Online Dating Networks
Lin Chen (Queensland University of Technology, Australia),
Richi Nayak (Queensland University of Technology, Australia),
Yue Xu (Queensland University of Technology, Australia)

3.30 pm - 4.00 pm: Break

4.00 pm – 4.30 pm 
Toward Finding Hidden Communities based on User Profile
Tetsuya Yoshida (Hokkaido University, Japan)
4.30 pm – 5.00 pm  
Coalition and Opposition: Community Discovery in Signed Collaborative Interaction Networks,
Petko Bogdanov (University of California, Santa Barbara, USA),
Nicholas Larusso (University of California, Santa Barbara, USA),
Ambuj K. Singh (University of California, Santa Barbara, USA)

5.00pm: Wrap-up

Keynote Talk

All your database are belong to us, Jim Webber (Neo Technology)
There's been substantial interest in recent years inexploring data storage technology that defies the relational model orthodoxy. Many so-called NoSQL databases have grown in this space, each of tackles problems as diverse as scalability, availability, fault tolerance, and semantic richness. In this talk, I'll provide a brief background on the NoSQL landscape, and a deeper introduction to my latest project Neo4j. Neo4j is a completely open source graph database which efficiently persists data in nodes and relationships and is optimised for extremely fast traversals, providing superior insight into data than is easily possible in traditional relational databases (or the semantically poorer category of NoSQL databases). Currently Neo4j supports databases bounded by the resources of a single machine (replicated for availability and scale), but we know our research challenges lie ahead. We are away of a reasonable body of literature on graph algorithms to support sharding across physical hosts, but these algorithms tend to make assumptions that may not be valid from the perspective of a dynamically evolving graph, and may even insist on domain-specific knowledge to be potent. In a twist to the usual format where results are presented, this seminar will invite insight and research direction from the audience. At the end of the session, we will have traded a solid grounding in an important emerging technology in the industrial space for the leading edge ideas. Bring your thinking caps!
Bio: Dr. Jim Webber is Chief Scientist with Neo Technology, the company behind the popular open source graph database Neo4j. Prior to Neo Technology, Jim has been an academic at Newcastle University in the UK and the University of Sydney, Australia, and has held several industry and startup research and development roles. He blogs at

Papers accepted but not presented

S6213  Bridging folksonomies and domain ontologies: Getting out non-taxonomic relations,
Chiraz Trabelsi (Faculty of Sciences of Tunis, Tunisia),
Aicha Ben Jerad (Faculty of Sciences of Tunis, Tunisia),
Sadok Ben Yahia (Faculty of Sciences, Tunisia)
Modeling and Comparing the Influence of Neighbors on the Behavior of Users in Social and Similarity Networks
Mohsen Jamali (Simon Fraser University, Canada),
Martin Ester (Simon Fraser University, Canada)