Welcome to MSND workshop @ WWW 2013

The second edition of the International Workshop on Mining Social Network Dynamics (MSND) is held in Rio di Janeiro (Brazil) in conjunction with the 22th International World Wide Web Conference (WWW). The workshop is held the May 13th, 2013. The conference location is given on the WWW website.

MSND aims at gathering researchers from the fields of social computing, machine learning, and data mining to think about the obstacles that hurdle the leveraging of understanding and capturing of social network dynamics. We target researchers from both industry and academia to join forces in this exciting area. We intend to discuss the recent and significant developments in the general area of mining social network dynamics and to promote cross-fertilization of techniques. In particular, we aim at identifying techniques from the data mining and machine learning fields that will enable researchers to understand the dynamic phenomena in social networks and social media, as well as specify important directions for the research communities. Understanding, capturing, mining and being able to predict dynamic behaviors is interesting for several areas such as marketing, security, and Web search.

The Workshop Chairs