Research topics

  • Statistical Learning
  • Clustering, classification, regression
  • Complex data: categorical, rank, functional, ordinal, big data...
  • Transfer Learning
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Applications to social humanities and life sciences

Ph. D. students

  • Selman Sezgin(start: December 2023)
    Federated learning optimized for connected vehicles based on intelligent modeling
    grant by Orange
  • Youba Abded(start: December 2023)
    Transfer learning for hydroprocessing kinetic models
    grant by IFPEN
  • Noé Lebreton (start: December 2022)
    Predictive ensemble modelisation with functional data approach
    grant by Data Prisme and co-cupervised with Julien AH-PINE
  • Eliz Peyraud (start: January 2022)
    Transplantation results modeling from complex data
    grant by Institut Georges Lopez and co-cupervised with Guillaume METZLER
  • Jean-Steve Tamo Tchomgui (start: December 2021)
    Prediction of the quality of experience of verticals carried by 5G slices and recommendation of corrective actions
    grat by ORANGE Labs and co-cupervised with Stephane CHRETIEN
  • Francesco Amato (start: November 2021)
    Mixed data temporal clustering for modelling longitudinal surveys
    grant by IADoc@UdL, with Isabelle PRIM-ALLAZ

Former Ph. D. students

  • Martial Amovin (2019-23)
    Learning models for functional data applied to sensor networks
    CIFRE grant financed by ArpegeMasterK, with Irène GANNAZ
  • Loïc Iapteff (2019-22)
    Transfer Learning for Smart Adaptative Analytics
    grant financed by IFPEN
  • Jean Dupuy (2018-22)
    Representation learning for structured document.
    CIFRE grant financed by MeetSYS, with Adrien GUILLE
  • Antoine Gourru (2018-21)
    Representation learning for dynamic structured data.
    Co-supervision with Julien VELCIN
  • Margot Selosse (2017-20)
    Introducing parsimony to analyse complex data with model-based clustering.
    co-supervised with Christophe BIERNACKI
  • Komi Nagbe (2016-20)
    Prediction of production and consumption of renewable energy.
    CIFRE grant financed by ENERCOOP, co-supervision with Jairo CUGLIARI.
  • Amandine Schmutz (2016-19)
    Search for athlete horse locomotion analysis parameters by statistical and datamining tools.
    CIFRE grant financed by LIM Group, co-supervision with Laurence CHEZE.
  • Yosra Ben Slimen (2015-18)
    Knowledge discovery for big data applied to the automatic management of radio networks.
    CIFRE grant financed by ORANGE Labs.
  • Quentin Grimonprez (2013-16)
    Change point detection in high dimension.
    Inria-DGA grant, co-supervision with Guillemette MAROT and Alain CELISSE
  • Florence Loingeville (2013-16)
    Statistical tools for quality control in microbiological and ecotoxicological analyses.
    CIFRE grant financed by AGLAE, co-supervision with Cristian PREDA
  • Loic Yengo (2010-14)
    Classification and variable selection in regression: application to the genetic study of metabolic diseases
    Co-supervision with Christophe BIERNACKI
  • Julie Hamon (2010-13)
    Analysis of genomic data: cooperation between statistical and combinatorial optimisation methods
    CIFRE grant financed by Gènes Diffusion, co-supervision with Clarisse DHAENENS