Projects and grants

2020-2023: BI4people (Business intelligence for the people)

Grant: €725000 (National Reasearch Agency)
Position: Coordinator, cosupervision of a PhD student, supervision of a postdoc

2020-2023: LIFRANUM (Digital French-speaking literatures)

Grant: €380000 (National Research Agency)
Position: Task manager, supervision of a posdoctoral fellow

2020-2021: HisArc-RDF (Sharing and reusing archaeological and historical data)

Grant: €99000 (National Research Agency)
Position: Member + cosupervision of a research engineer

2019-2020: GéoDOAD (Dynamic geolocation of archaeological, dated data)

Grant: €19980 (University of Lyon 2)
Position: Member

2019-2020: CartoWeb (Cartography of the French-speaking literary Web)

Grant: €80500 (IDEX Université de Lyon)
Position: Member

2018-2020: HyperThésau (Hyperthesaurus and data lakes)

Grant: €19450 (Labex IMU)
Position: Member + postdoc cosupervision

2017-2018: COREL (At the heart of customer relationship)

Grant: €13000 (University of Lyon 2)
Position: Member + supervision of MSc internships

2017-2019: GéoNum (Metaphor detection in Geography)

Grant: €12772 (CNRS)
Position: Member

2017-2021: AURA PMI (Digital transformation in industrial SMEs)

Grant: €273000 (Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes)
Position: Member + PhD thesis supervision

2016-2019: IDENUM (Urban digital identities)

Grant: €19600 (LabEx IMU)
Position: Member + MSc internship supervision

2015-2016: TECTONIQ (Information and communication technologies for natural and cultural heritage)

Grant: €1500 (CNRS)
Position: Member, ERIC representative

2015-2016: CERAM 3D (CERAM 3D)

Grant: € (PALSE IPEm)
Position: Member

2014-2017: REQUEST (REcursive QUEry and Scalable Technology)

Grant: €191000 (French state)
Position: Member + PhD cosupervision (X. Wang)

2009-2010: DPC-CLO (Detection of complex phenomena in oral linguistic corpora)

Grant: €20000 (University of Lyon 2)
Position: Member (30% of research time)

2007-2008: TAPEO (Stock exchange collective intelligence)

Grant: €30000 (Rhône-Alpes Region)
Position: Project leader; collaboration with Ricco Rakotomalala

2004-2007: FoDoMuSt (Multistrategy Data Mining)

Grant: €69000 (French Ministry of Research)
Position: Member (25% of research time)

2003-2004: MAP (Personalized, anticipative medicine)

Grant: €29000 (Rhône-Alpes Region)
Position: Project co-leader with J.H. Chauchat

2002-2005: CLAPI (Spoken Language Corpus)

Grant: €36000 (French Ministry of Research)
Position: Member (30% of research time) + PhD supervision (K. Aouiche)