Time zone of the conference: UTC+2 Central European Time

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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

August 26 TPDL Session 1: Semantic Web and Linked Data
11:00-11:15 Requirements Analysis for an Open Research Knowledge Graph
Arthur Brack, Anett Hoppe, Markus Stocker, Sören Auer and Ralph Ewerth
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11:15-11:30 Question Answering on Scholarly Knowledge Graphs
Mohamad Yaser Jaradeh, Markus Stocker and Sören Auer
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11:30-11:45 Context-Compatible Information Fusion for Scientific Knowledge Graphs
Hermann Kroll, Jan-Christoph Kalo, Denis Nagel, Stephan Mennicke and Wolf-Tilo Balke
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11:45-12:00 VeTo: Expert Set Expansion in Academia
Thanasis Vergoulis, Serafeim Chatzopoulos, Theodore Dalamagas and Christos Tryfonopoulos
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12:00-12:10 An observational study of equivalence links in cultural heritage linked data for agents
Nuno Freire, Hugo Manguinhas and Antoine Isaac
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12:10-12:25 ArchOnto, a CIDOC-CRM-based Linked Data Model for the Portuguese Archives
Inês Koch, Cristina Ribeiro and Carla Teixeira Lopes
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August 26 TPDL Session 2: Ontologies and Research Data
13:30-13:45 Knowledge-Based Categorization of Scientific Articles for Similarity Predictions
Nolwenn Bernard, Jonathan Weber, Germain Forestier, Michel Hassenforder and Bastien Latard
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13:45-14:00 Ontology Design for Pharmaceutical Research Outcomes
Zeynep Say, Said Fathalla, Sahar Vahdati and Sören Auer
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TPDL Best Paper
On the Persistence of Persistent Identifiers of the Scholarly Web
Martin Klein and Lyudmila Balakireva
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14:15-14:30 Assessing and Minimizing the Impact of OCR Quality on Named Entity Recognition
Ahmed Hamdi, Axel Jean-Caurant, Nicolas Sidère, Mickaël Coustaty and Antoine Doucet
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14:30-14:45 Context-driven Discoverability of Research Data
Miriam Baglioni, Paolo Manghi and Andrea Mannocci
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14:45-15:00 Management of research data in image format: an exploratory study on current practices
Miguel Fernandes, Joana Rodrigues and Carla Lopes

Thursday, August 27, 2020

August 27 TPDL Session 3: Applications of Digital Libraries
14:30-14:45 Understanding User Behavior in Digital Libraries Using the MAGUS Session Visualization Tool
Tessel Bogaard, Jan Wielemaker, Laura Hollink, Lynda Hardman and Jacco van Ossenbruggen
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14:45-14:55 Participatory Indexing in the Eyes of its Potential Users: An Example of a Co-design of Participatory Services in an Academic Digital Library
Elina Leblanc
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14:55-15:10 Correspondence as the Primary Measure of Quality for Web Archives: A Grounded Theory Study
Brenda Reyes Ayala
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15:10-15:20 Characteristics of Dataset Retrieval Sessions: Experiences from a Real-life Digital Library
Zeljko Carevic, Dwaipayan Roy and Philipp Mayr
15:20-15:30 Online News Monitoring for Enhanced Reuse of Audiovisual Archives
Rasa Bocyte, Johan Oomen, Lyndon Nixon and Arno Scharl
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15:30-15:45 Layout Detection and Table Recognition – Recent Challenges in Digitizing Historical Documents and Handwritten Tabular Data
Constantin Lehenemeier, Manuel Burghardt and Bernadette Mischka
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